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“My friend Craig put out a bag of MSG Thursday afternoon, knowing he was hunting Friday morning. He poured the bag 25 yards from his tree stand. The next morning at first light, this big bruiser came almost charging in to the spot that the MSG had been poured, now only about a third of the pile remained. Seemed overnight two-thirds of the pile mysteriously disappeared. With the deer standing broadside and stopped over the pile, one quick pull and one arrow later Craig is tagged out with a beautiful NW Ohio whitetail!”

moonshine gold deer results

Taken in North East Georgia 11/16/20

Morgan took this beautiful buck Sunday during the youth hunt. Her only suggestion was to make a bigger bag option as they ate one bag overnight and she used another bag that morning to bring this buck in. Thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Scott Paul

December Buck 2020

“Besides using it to freshen up a food pile, I’ve been using it as a cover scent on the way into my stand. I just sprinkle it while I’m walking in and man has it made a difference! Deer head toward my path instead of away from it. This buck and 3 does followed the path I walked down and sprinkled Moonshine Gold just 3 hours earlier and I’m glad they did!”

moonshine gold results

moonshine gold deer


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